Energy. Responsibility. Innovation.

Fossil Fuels & Renewable Energy

Supporting Green Initiatives Across the Energy Industry

GEE brings decades of high-level experience providing value to projects across the energy industry. Our solutions are tailored to the unique dynamics of proven  technologies for resource allocation. We employ advanced solutions and support from exploration and research through go-to market strategies and execution.

Fossil Fuels

Petroleum  |  Natural Gas  |  Coal

The renewable Energy Market has drawn a significant amount of investment and innovators away from Fossil Fuels. The reality is that Fossil Fuels still account for 80% of the Energy Market and are projected to maintain their growth curve.

GEE focuses its innovative products in Fossil Fuels with a heavy focus on the Coal Industry that has fueled Industry for over 150 years.

Currently, GEE is heavily vested in extracting REE from coal and coal byproducts as well as the many transformative possibilities – converting coal to graphene and graphite for use in rechargeable batteries, complex net shapes, and solar panels.

GREE is dedicated to advancing the clean coal revolution.

Renewable Energy

Solar  |  Wind  |  Hydro  |  Geothermal  |  Biomass

GEE’s innovative solutions generate value by bridging the gap between fossil fuels and  renewable energies. We instill engineering excellence, innovation, quality and reliability to promote an empowered future.

Our suite of services is implemented throughout Renewable projects:

  • Research
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Operations
  • Niché solutions

GEE provides Solutions that generate harmony amongst fossil fuel and renewable energy segments to responsibly meet the world’s energy needs.

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